Small / Narrow Towel Radiators

Narrow towel radiators are perfect for smaller bathrooms; our smallest is 400mm high and our narrowest is 200mm wide. Having a small bathroom shouldn’t mean you have to miss out; our small towel radiators will accommodate your needs entirely. Designed with a chrome finish, adding luxury and style to your bathroom.

Owners of small bathrooms often think that they will be denied some of the simplest luxuries, such as towel radiators. However, this doesn’t have to be so. At Cheap Radiator we can offer you some small/narrow towel radiators that will fit even in the tiniest of bathrooms.

The smallest fixture we offer is only 400 mm high. Of course, it won’t be enough for hanging a big bath towel, but a smaller one will fit in nicely. This means that although, you won’t be able to reap all the benefits this kind of fixture should provide, you will definitely be able to get some of the perks.

This may seem like a small consolation, but keeping the towel that you use on your face dry and warm is also important. Thus, you can appreciate the comfort of this tiny fixture. All small/narrow towel radiators we provide are made with chrome finish, so they can become an original and attractive interior detail.

What Is the Use of Narrow Towel Radiators?

The narrowest towel radiator we offer is 200 mm. Do you wonder why you can need something like this? After all, it seems that hanging a towel on it will be impossible, unless it’s indeed a tiny towel.

However, do not forget that these fixtures are meant to not only dry but also provide some warmth. Of course, the heating capacity of a narrow towel radiator isn’t high, but it can be used to your benefit.

If you live in an old house with thick stone walls, you definitely know that mold is a problem to be reckoned with. It’s almost impossible to keep a bathroom completely dry in a building like this. Thus, you will need to think about how to keep the most problematic spots, namely corners, free of mold.

Narrow radiators can help you do just that, and due to their size, they can fit in almost anywhere. This means that even if your bathroom isn’t small, you may be able to make use of this kind of towel radiators.

You can consult a specialist in order to come up with a heating scheme that will be the most efficient depending on the size of your bathroom and the kind of house you live in. Bear in mind that it’s not only heating efficiency that you should consider but the cost as well.

Several wisely placed small/narrow towel radiators can help you save a great deal of money on your energy bills. Think of this when renovating your bathroom.

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