Black Towel Radiator

Add a little edge to your bathroom with our black towel radiator; available in sizes from 300mm up to 600mm. Our black towel radiator range is one of our most popular, due to its unique design and aesthetic appeal. Black matches any colour and therefore makes an ideal addition to any bathroom.

Some people think that towel radiators are something to be tolerated because of their usefulness, but that they are only going to ruin the interior of the bathroom.

It really used to be this way, but the times have changed greatly. Today, Cheap Radiators company is happy to present you a rich selection of towel radiators that won't look out of place even in the fanciest bathroom.

One of the most chick items offered in our store is a black towel radiator available in five different sizes that range from 300 to 600 mm. Although rather simple in design, this radiator can really change the look of your bathroom. Smooth lines and distinct color won't allow it to go unnoticed. Thus, you will be able to play it up in the interior by adding several other details in black and using contrasting colors in order to make the overall design of the room truly unique and attractive.

One of the best things about black color is that it looks good with almost anything. Thus, it will be easy to fit a black towel radiator into your bathroom design, regardless of the style you want to pursue. This bold move on your part will definitely show that you are a person who isn't afraid to stand out and who has good taste.

Every radiator you can find in our shop is defined by quality. Thus, you can be sure that it will serve you for a very long time. In order to prove that we don't doubt our own goods, we offer a five year warranty.

How to Fit a Black Radiator into Your Interior

If you are planning to install a black towel radiator, you will need to understand that this will give your bathroom a certain edge. While it's true that it's easy to make an impression with this distinctive detail, you will need to make sure that the radiator actually fits in with the interior seamlessly. Otherwise, you may get tired of the way it looks very quickly.

Considering the fact that people should be able to relax in a bathroom, you will definitely need to think about its design very carefully. In case you don't want to employ a professional designer, here are a few tips that will help you balance the interior:

  • If you are playing out contrasts, limit the amount of black, or the room will look depressive and gloomy.
  • Add several black fixtures and decorations that match the style of the radiator.
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