500mm Wide White Electric Towel Rails

With standard or thermostatic element option, our 500mm wide electric heated towel radiator offers more choice and versatility for your bathroom or cloakroom. Also available in straight and curved for yet more choice in design. Our 500mm wide electric heated towel radiator will match any décor and add a touch of class to any space. 

While small towel rails are used mostly in small bathrooms or kitchens as a means to dry towels, bigger items can be used in other rooms for more comfort and warmth. The main effect of towel radiators is the warmth they provide. Our devices that are powered by central heating water cannot be hotter than the water that warms them up. At the same time, our electric devices have thermostats that allow them to be hotter or colder, as you wish. If you browse through the assortment we are glad to offer, you will see that we have devices that are powered by central heating, electricity or both of them. That is why, if you are planning to use the device outside the bathroom, give preference to items that can be moved and powered by electricity.

Smaller and averagely sized items often come in white finishing. Of course, such items are more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, offering the sense of cleanness and freshness. You can see it on the example of our white electric towel radiators that are 500mm wide. Even if you have chrome or satin finishing of bathroom fitting details, a white towel radiator will not ruin the harmony. Quite oftenthese items are installed in halls because they are perfect in delicate drying of upper clothes ad street shoes that cannot be hidden in a wardrobe while they are wet.

500mm wide white electric towel rails are mostly fixed to walls with central heating or dual powering. It is a good solution: an item of this size is not very easily transported from one room to another. It is more reasonable to choose one place and mount the device onto a wall. If you choose a bathroom, our towel rails will serve you to keep your towels dry. In a hall, this item will be a perfect hanger for both cold seasons that require heating and warm times when it’s possible to do without additional warmth.

You should remember that electric devices are equipped with thermostats and it makes them both effective and safe. Regulation of temperature will save you and your children from burns, you bathroom from overheating and your clothes and towels from extra dryness. Besides that, you should keep in mind the fact that the room that is equipped with an additional heating device should be ventilated properly: all the evaporation and extra heat should be removed in order to sustain healthy and pleasant microclimate.

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