Wide Towel Radiators

Wide Towel Radiators

Most towel radiators are tall rather than wide, but we’re proud to present the widest towel radiators in the UK, exclusive to Cheap Radiators. Wide towel radiators are becoming more and more popular; they’re space saving and are capable or hanging larger bath towels without having to untidily crumple them up to fit.

Lack of space is one of the biggest problems of many bathrooms. If you are one of the people who have to struggle in order to fit everything you need within this tiny room, you may be happy to know that Cheap Radiators offer exclusive wide towel radiators that can help you do wonders in regards to bathroom space management.

Why Wide Radiators?

The vast majority of towel radiators available on the market are categorized as “tall”. Usually,they take up a lot of space on the wall, because their height prevents you from putting a cupboard under the radiator. This is a huge waste that many people really cannot afford if the room is indeed tiny.

There is also another problem with tall towel radiators. They are rather narrow. Therefore, you will have to fold a bath towel several times for it to fit. This way, it will take a much longer time to dry, and the towel will look untidy because of creases.

Wide towel radiators allow you to fit even any bath towel without any difficulty. Thus, if you want your bathroom to look neat, this definitely is the best choice. We offer radiators of different sizes, so even the lovers of really huge towels will be satisfied.

As this kind of radiator is wide, it will take more horizontal space. This means that you will be able to install it higher on the wall and place a washing machine or a cupboard directly under it. This will allow you to use all the space available in the bathroom, and the size and configuration of the radiator will ensure that it provides enough heat to meet your needs.

Wide towel radiators can be a perfect addition to many homes. Look through our catalogue and think about how you can improve the design and functionality of your bathroom by installing one of them.

Why Buy From Cheap Radiator?

We, at Cheap Radiator, believe that every client should enjoy doing business with us. This is why we offer only the highest quality towel radiators at some very affordable prices.

As we provide custom services, you can be sure that the radiator you purchase from us will meet your requirements perfectly. Thus, you will be able to use the space you have available in your bathroom in the most efficient manner.

The quality of the materials used for manufacturing our radiators ensures that you won’t have any problems with these items for many years. We are ready to offer warranties to prove this.

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