1100mm Wide Towel Radiator Chrome

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1100mm Wide / 400mm High Towel Radiator Chrome Flat
Width: 1100mm wide Height: 400mm high Finish: Chrome Material: Steel Pipe Ce..
1100mm Wide / 600mm High Towel Radiator Chrome Straight
Width: 1100mm wide Height: 600mm high Finish: Chrome Material: Steel Pipe Ce..
1100mm Wide / 800mm High Towel Radiator Chrome Straight
Width: 1100mm wide Height: 800mm high Finish: Chrome Material: Steel Pipe Ce..
1100mm Wide / 1000mm High Towel Radiator Chrome Straight
Width: 1100mm wide Height: 1000mm high Finish: Chrome Material: Steel Pipe C..
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Our 1100mm wide towel radiator is becoming one of our most popular for it’s modernistic look and great value for money. Their polished chrome design; compliment any bathroom, large or small. 1100mm wide towel radiators are exclusive to Cheap Radiators and come with 5 years warranty for added peace of mind.

The Key Basics of 1100mm Wide Towel Racks

There are more and more consumers who are choosing our 1100mm wide towel rails for different reasons. The most important ones include their modern look and amazing value. You will definitely appreciate their polished and shiny chrome finish, and these units can fit any bathroom, regardless of whether it is small or big.

Another reason why you should think about ordering our devices is that they all come with a specific warranty, so you can be sure to get the highest quality. They are very hygienic, energy efficient, luxurious and practical, so you will not regret making this kind of choice.

Before placing your order on our official website, you need to take some time to think about a few important factors. They will help you determine the most suitable 1100mm wide towel radiator based on your needs, budget and personal preferences.

  1. First of all, you should not forget about the costs involved in making this purchase. It is true that our prices may vary, and this means that all consumers groups can be sure to find a perfect fit. If you have a low budget, you should not despair because our company will provide you with suitable options. It is a good idea to take into consideration the basic features that must be in place, materials, sizes, colors, shapes and so on. All of them usually determine the final price that must be paid.
  2. You also need to consider your available wall space and make this choice accordingly. It is quite common for homeowners to have a limited height space, and that’s why they choose our high quality 1100mm wide towel radiators. You should think about the same alternative if you have a standard bathroom.
  3. It makes sense to think about the number of people who use your bathroom on a regular basis. That’s because you need to choose the units that will fit their needs and have enough capacity. At times, some clients decide to install multiple devices.
  4. You should not forget about the right source of heat, as this aspect is also important. There are many modern towel rails that include a special built-in electric thermostat, and this is what allows controlling their temperature and using them in the summer.
  5. Finally, there are many benefits that you can get when ordering our 1100mm wide towel racks. They will the attractiveness and value of your bathroom and make it warm and convenient to use.
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