300mm Wide Towel Radiator Chrome

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300mm Wide 1200mm High Flat Chrome Towel Radiator
Technical Details: Width: 300mmHeight: 1200mmPipe Centers: 260mmWall To Pipe Cen..
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Our 300mm wide towel radiator is one of our smallest yet, making it ideal for particularly small bathrooms and cloakrooms. With a mod, polished chrome finish, they’re a stylish addition to any bathroom. Our 300mm wide towel radiator is versatile and can fit into the smallest of spaces to create a warm and inviting space.

Searching for towel rails, people usually forget to give attention to several details. As a rule, these details involve size and capacity of a towel radiator, its appearance and the place it is going to have in a home. If you have already visited other pages of our website, you have probably seen that our towel rails come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, finishing options and features. For example, we offer three main types of towel rails: the ones that are powered by central heating, electric devices and duals, which combine both features. Depending on your needs, you can choose either of them: central heating will provide you with additional warmth through cold seasons, electric devices can be turned on and off as often as you need at any time of the year, and duals have both features to save electricity in winter and provide more comfort in your bathroom in summer. This is the first choice you have to make.

The second choice is the size that depends on how much free space you have. Our 300mm wide towel radiators made of chrome have an average size that fits even the smallest bathrooms and provides enough space and warmth to keep your towels dry and fresh all the time. You should remember that electric devices need some more free space if they are located beside a source of water in order to prevent a short circuit. It means that if you have chosen an electric item, choose the one that can be located a foot away from the source of water.

Shapes that we offer do not have exquisite curves but their minimalistic look offers easy matching with practically any interiors. White items suggest some additional freshness to your bathroom, the finishing of our 300mm wide towel radiators matches most of bathroom fitting details and looks stylish. It is up to you to choose what you like more.

Features normally involve thermostats that are here to allow you regulation of the way your device is heated. If you need more warmth, you can add some temperature; if it is too hot, you can always reduce the heat. However, you should remember that such an option is available in electric or dual devices (when they are powered with electricity): it is impossible to regulate the temperature of central heating water inside a towel radiator.

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