600mm Wide White Electric Towel Rails

Towel rails are normally installed in bathrooms where the additional heating they provide is used to kill mold, prevent propagation of fungi and bacteria. As well, they can be used as a very comfortable heated hanger for coats in a hall. Finally, usage of a towel radiator in a kitchen can help to fight extra moisture and leave your home comfortable and warm. White electric towel rails that are 600mm wide are a thing that can cope with its direct functions in any of the mentioned places or wherever else you decide to use it.

Usage of towel rails has several advantages. If you install such a device in your bathroom, you will never know what mold is. Extra heating is never out of place in a bathroom because wet towels can develop a very unpleasant stale smell that is very hard to remove even by the most thorough washing. Besides that, it is always pleasant to use a warm soft towel regardless of seasons and time of day. 600mm wide white electric towel rails can also be used to warm up dressing gowns that become so pleasant to touch after a shower or a bath. Finally, the lower the device is, the more effectively it warms up and dries mats that can be soaked with water on the bathroom floor.

As well, electric towel rails can be used in halls as a hanger for clothes. Upper clothes cannot be put into a wardrobe if they are wet after a rain or snow. Delicate regulated warmth of a towel radiator is able to fight dampness effectively without ruining clothes. The same can be said about shoes. Being placed beside such a source of warmth, shoes get dry quickly and do not develop white salty lines on the outside. Though white finishing seems to be unsuitable for usage outside a bathroom, it is extremely easy in cleaning even in case it gets dirty in the hall. It is enough to wipe the dirt with a wet cloth and then to remove remnants of moisture with a piece of dry one. There will be no stains and the surface will remain shiny and looking like new.

If you are about to use our towel radiator in a hall, make sure that it has a thermostat to regulate the amount of heat it gives off, so that it does not ruin your fur coats or genuine leather shoes.

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