Electric Towel Rail Chrome

Chrome brings style, elegance and class to a bathroom, which is exactly what you get with our electric towel radiator in chrome. Available in several different sizes to suit various bathrooms and cloakrooms. Difficulties attaching to the central heating system are a thing in the past with our electric towel radiator in chrome; it’s easy to use and extremely cost effective.

There are many things one needs to consider when choosing a towel radiator. If you look through the selection of these items offered at our online shop cheap-radiator.co.uk, you will see that there are dozens of options available to you.

Nowadays, you don’t have to resign yourself to installing some hideous fixture that will look horribly out of place in your bathroom. Rest assured that there is a perfect stylish radiator for you among our stock. However, don’t forget that even though design does matter, it’s not the only thing you will need to consider when choosing this kind of item.

Current rates of energy companies are a good enough reason for you to look at the heating efficiency before the radiator’s appearance. Luckily, if you want to have the best of the both worlds, meaning a towel radiator that will consume little energy and add to the décor at the same time, consider installing our electric towel rail chrome.

Advantages of Electric Towel Rails

There are a number of benefits that make choosing an electric towel rail over the one connected to the central heating system a really smart decision. They are:

  • Independence of the central heating system
    When your towel rail runs on the central heating system, it will only remain warm as long as the system works. This means that during the summer months you will be unable to use the towel rail for its intended purpose.
    Naturally, this will be very inconvenient and will reduce the value of having a radiator greatly. However, electric towel rails run on electricity. Thus, you can turn them on and off depending on your personal needs.
  • Cost efficiency
    Although these towel rails use electrical power, they need very little of it. This means that you will actually be able to cut down on your energy bills if you install this kind of device.

The electric towel rail chrome you can find in our store will definitely enhance any modern interior. Thus, if you want to renovate the bathroom and make it look truly attractive, this will be a wonderful choice.

A towel rail is a welcome addition to any bathroom, because this fixture is extremely useful, as it will not only ensure that your towels are always dry and pleasantly warm, but will also protect the bathroom from mold. You should never underestimate the dangers mold infestation brings. Thus, it will be wise to do everything within your power to prevent it.

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