White Towel Radiator

Our white heated towel radiator range offers style and simplicity to any space and matches any décor, giving it a fresh clean look and feel. Allowing functionality and maximizing heat output, our white heated towel radiator is a cost effective choice for any bathroom or cloakroom.

White is a very special color that has many meanings in different cultures. In design white is extremely popular, especially when decorating bathrooms.Unfortunately, more often than not this part of the house is rather small. Using a lot of white in the décor allows creating an illusion of a larger space.

Some years ago people had no choice but to accept the fact that their bathroom’s interior will never be perfect, because towel radiators available on the market at that time could only be called hideous. However, today you can find some fixtures that look more like works of art than parts of plumbing systems.

Our company, Cheap Radiators, offers a huge selection of various fixtures to people from all over Great Britain. Thus, if you want to install a beautiful high quality white towel radiator at home, you are welcome to check out our online shop and see at the different models available there.

The white towel radiators that we offer differ in size from 200 mm to 1300 mm. This means that there is something in our stock that will fit into any bathroom. You can also consider installing this kind of fixture in a cloakroom or kitchen. This way you will be able to keep the room warm, without increasing your energy bills, and keep the cloaks, jackets and kitchen towels dry.

All in all, a towel radiator is an extremely useful thing, especially when its size allows you to install it virtually anywhere. It also helps when its design makes the fixture attractive enough for you not to try hiding it behind a curtain.

Positioning a Towel Radiator

In order for your white towel radiator to be as efficient as it can be, you will need to position it correctly. Of course, the chance of you covering it with some piece of furniture in a bathroom is very small. Thus, the rules of positioning for towel radiators differ from those of simple heating radiators installed in the living quarters.

When you choose a spot for a heated towel rack inside a bathroom, you should consider the most efficient way of using the space you have available. In the vast majority of cases, this means that the fixture should be mounted on the wall. This way, it won’t prevent you from placing cupboards and a chest of drawers in the room. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the number of things you want to fit into it, you can choose between a narrow and wide towel radiator.



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