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Designer Radiators

Cheap radiators present our sophisticated designer range including designer radiators in white, red or black, horizontal or vertical to give your home an exquisite look and feel. Our diverse range offers an affordable, yet stylish solution to accommodate spaces of all sizes and styles. From tall and elegant, to wide and chic, we have you covered.

If you want to have a bathroom that will be not only functional but beautiful as well, you will definitely need to use some designer tricks, even if you don’t hire a professional to decorate the place. We can offer you some original designer radiators that will help you create a truly unique interior you will enjoy seeing every day.

Pros of Designer Towel Radiators

The most important advantage that designer radiators have over ordinary ones is their looks. Some of them have only distant resemblance to a bathroom fixture. Instead, they look like works of modern art. This allows you to be flexible when creating the interior of your bath.

We offer radiators made in black, white and red colors. Thus, should you decide to use them, you can be really daring in your designs. A fixture like this is beautiful and original enough to serve as a centerpiece to the interior theme.

The best thing, however, is that we at Cheap Radiators don’t attempt to rip off our clients. Thus, we offer the most beautiful and exquisite items for a price you will definitely be able to afford. Add to this our free delivery service, and you will understand that you can create a unique bathroom without having to spend a fortune on it.

How Do You Design a Beautiful Bathroom?

Of course, installing an attractive and original radiator isn’t the only thing that can help you create an interesting bathroom design. Here are a few tips from experienced designers that you can use:

  • Use your space wisely.
    If you have a huge bathroom, you won’t have to give much thought to fitting in all the cupboards, fixtures, machines and other items you want to have in there. However, not many people are that lucky. Thus, in the majority of cases, you will need to make the best use of the limited space that you have available.
    Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem if you get a bit creative. A towel radiator alone will be a huge help in this case, because it will provide you a place where to keep towels. You should also use various space organizers that can go inside cupboards, on the shelves and under the sink.
  • Pay attention to details.
    Designer radiators are usually rather big, so you can use them as a centerpiece of the decorations, but you will need to add a few more details made in the same style and color to enhance the interior.
    Try to find things that are both useful and decorative, for example, original hangers, brush holders, etc.
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