400mm Wide White Electric Towel Rails

Our 400mm wide electric heated towel radiator comes with standard or thermostatic element options, bringing you even more choice. Ranges also come in straight or curved, a particularly good option for bathrooms and cloakrooms limited by space. Our 400mm wide electric heated towel radiator brings sophistication and style to any bathroom.

4 Considerations when Buying 400mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

If you want to buy one of our 400mm wide electric towel rails, you are making a good choice. These units have either a thermostatic or standard element, and this is what provides you with a good selection. They also come in a variety of curved and standard designs, so our clients are always satisfied with the options that they have.

Getting a 400mm wide towel radiator is a wise move if you have a small bathroom with a limited hanging space. Another great thing is that this equipment adds more style to this room. When making this purchase, you can be sure to benefit from its simple maintenance and long service life. It is true that electric towel racks is the best choice that you can make, but you need to be careful when installing and treating them. You should not forget that you deal with electricity.

Our narrow units have a special electric heating element built in, and this is what allows consumers use them during any season, even if their central heating system is off. This means that you can enjoy the benefits that they offer every day.

Before you make a final decision to invest money in our good quality 400mm wide electric heated warmers, there are certain things that you need to consider.

  1. It is necessary to decide where you want to install them in advance. This factor may depend on the size of your bathroom and its available wall space. You should not forget about different obstacles, such as doors and windows, as they may prevent you from using our radiators in full.
  2. You also need to decide whether you want to use our towel rails only to keep your clothes warm or they will be the main heating source in this room. It makes sense to learn that all our products have different BTU and Watts capacity, and this aspect must be checked to get the most efficient unit for your needs.
  3. You should have a clear idea of how your perfect 400mm wide electric radiator needs to look. There are different finishes that our company offers, including white, silver, chrome, and others. It is only up to you to make this choice, but try to make sure that the unit you choose fits the overall design of your bathroom perfectly.
  4. Finally, consider your available budget, as some of our towel rails are quite affordable, while others cost a lot.
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