Tall Towel Radiators

Our tall towel radiator range is available in four heights to suit a range of bathroom sizes. The tall towel radiator is suitable for small or large bathrooms that are unrestricted by height and have been specially designed for a higher heat output. Made from chrome to give a modernistic edge.

Installing a tall towel radiator can be a perfect solution if you want to make your bathroom a warmer and cozier place. We can offer several types of tall towel radiators that will meet the requirements of every client. The quality of our goods is very high, and the guaranties that we offer are proof to this.

The Benefits of Tall Towel Radiators

There are several kinds of towel radiators you can choose from in our online store. Each of them has its own benefits. Thus, you will need to consider all of them in order to pick the item that will indeed meet all your needs.

The main benefits of installing a tall towel radiator are:

  • Space saving
    Due to their unorthodox shape, tall towel radiators allow you to make use of the space available in the bathroom in a truly efficient manner. As long as you don’t have any limitations in height, you can install a radiator that will be up to 2000 mm tall.
    Can you imagine how efficient it will be in terms of heat output?
    We guarantee that the quality of the piece will be as high as it is tall.
  • Modern design
    Tall towel radiators that you can find in our shop are made from chrome. This means that they will look very impressive in any modern interior. Thus, if you want your bathroom to look beautiful, you will definitely benefit from installing one of these fixtures.
  • Great heating capacity
    As it has already been said, tall towel radiators are made for providing a high level of heat output. This means that one radiator like this can sufficiently warm up an average bathroom and keep all your towels dry and pleasantly warm.
    The radiators we offer are sectioned in order to provide room for several towels. Thus, this fixture will be of good service for every member of your family.

Choose Your Towel Radiator Well

We may offer some of the best towel radiators on the market, but it’s you who gets to make the final choice. This means that you should think about what kind of fixture to choose very carefully.

Measure the space you have available and look through our catalogue. There is definitely something that will allow you to make the best use of the room on your bathroom wall. You should study your options before purchasing anything, for this is the only way to be sure that you are really making a choice you won’t regret in a year or two.

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